Service and Repairs

We perform high quality bike repairs and services for great prices.


Our mechanics are all fully qualified and experienced. We care about our customers and take pride in delivering consistently high standards. We will not overcharge you for unnecessary and expensive work, and are always happy to talk about your needs. Call us to book your bike in for a free, no obligation estimate.


Safety Check – £15.00

Our safety check for your bike is perfect for when your bike has not been serviced or used for a while, or if you have bought a second-hand bike. We will systematically check your bike frame, brakes, gears and tyres. If your bike needs work we can provide  you with a detailed checklist to decide what to do next. If you then choose a regular or deluxe service with us we will not charge for the safety check-up.


Regular Service – £45.00

  • Full safety check-up as above
  • Thorough visual check of frame and parts for damage or wear
  • Check security of bolts and fixings and correct torque where appropriate
  • Drive train inspection including bottom bracket, crankset, chain and sprockets
  • Minor Wheel truing (without wheel removal)
  • Correct tyre inflation pressure and seating
  • Tune-up and service of braking system including cable replacement where necessary
  • Tune- up and service of gear systeem including cable replacement where necessary
  • Lubrication
  • Replacement of brake blocks (on standard rim brakes)

Cables and brake blocks are included, but any other parts needed and labour to fit them this will cost extra.


Deluxe Service – £110.00

  • Our premium service for a thorough check of your bike.
  • As a regular cyclist we advise a service like this once a year to avoid costly and inconvenient failures on the road.
  • We strip your bike down to its component parts, clean every bit using our environmentally-friendly ‘SmartWasher’, put it expertly back together and road test it, then give it back to you in pristine condition.
  • All serviceable bearings (headset/ hubs/ bottom bracket) will be fully serviced and re-greased.

Parts cost extra but labour charge is included, with the exception of hydraulic brakes/suspension.

Specific services or repairs – prices do not include parts:


  • Hub service – £15.00
  • Wheel truing – £10.00
  • Spoke replacement plus truing – £15.00 front; £20 rear.
  • Wheel build– price dependent on individual requirements
  • Fitting new inner tube and/or tyre including punctures – £5.00 (additional £5.00 for hub gears and drum brakes)


Gears and Drivetrain

  • Tune gears– £8.00 front or rear; £12 for both
  • Straighten rear derailleur hanger £15.00
  • Replacing gear shifters – £15.00 each
  • Replacing derailleurs  – £15.00 each
  • Fitting new gear cable plus adjust  – £10.00 each



  • Fitting new chain- £8.00
  • Fitting new cassette/freewheel – £5.00
  • Fitting new crankset – £15.00
  • Bottom bracket service/replacement – £20.00 (in most cases)



  • Tune and/or fit new pads– £8.00 front or rear, £12 pair
  • Replacing non-disc callipers – £10.00 each
  • Replacing non-disc levers- £15.00 each
  • Fitting new brake cable plus adjust – £10.00 each
  • Replacing disc callipers/rotor- £15.00 (bleeding or hose alteration additional cost)
  • Replacing disc levers- £15.00 (bleeding or hose alteration additional cost)
  • Bleeding hydraulic brakes – £20 for one; £35 for pair
  • Fitting new disc pads – £10.00 per pair



  • Headset service or replacement – £20.00
  • Fitting general accessories – £5.00
  • Fitting full mudguards – £15.00
  • Fitting rear rack or front basket – £10
  • Fitting handlebar grips – £5.00
  • New handlebar tape – £10.00
  • Cleaning bike – £10.00 (Bucket wash)
  • Drivetrain clean – £20.00 (on bike using Smartwasher Parts Cleaning System)