Support Us

A bit of Background:

Nottingham Bikeworks has no regular external funding from anyone. We are very much a grassroots organisation and have to work hard and smart to make ends meet. The business model is that our paid-for bike repairs and refurbished bike sales provide the majority of our operating expenses- rent (paid at the council’s standard commercial rate) utilities, bike spares and of course the pay for salaried staff. As a committed Living Wage employer we all receive a wage at or above their recommended rate.

We have secured a number of specific, small grants over the past few years in order for us to develop new initiatives like “The Bikery” and to support us in part to deliver some of our community projects like ‘Better By Bike’ for people with anxiety and depression.

We have also now reached a stage in our development where we can realistically apply for particular contracts for bike related work that are issued periodically by local government. We are excited to have recently won our first chunk of work with Nottingham City Council and this (and with luck more in the future), will help secure regular income and our long term future.

Despite this it is to be honest a bit hand to mouth and we rely massively on the generosity of individuals and some organisations to keep the whole enterprise going. Whether that’s donating us bikes you no longer need or volunteering your time to help us carry out specific jobs.

So if you are able to help us out please follow one (or all!) of the following links :