Repair Services

Our qualified mechanics offer a comprehensive repair service in our fully stocked workshops on Carlton Road and Trent Boulevard.

Other services are also available. Please contact us for pricing, or bring your bike into one of the workshops for a no-obligation quote. 

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Puncture Repair from £14.50

  • Fitting new inner tube
  • Replacing tyre
  • Replacing rim tape
  • Tubeless setup

Brake Servicing from £10 per brake

  • Rim brakes set-up
  • Rim brake pad replacement
  • Replacing brake cables
  • Rim brake calliper replacement
  • Brake lever replacement
  • Disc brake setup
  • Disc brake pad replacement
  • Disc brake calliper and rotor fitting
  • Hydraulic brake lever/calliper fitting
  • Hydraulic brake bleeding

Drivetrain servicing from £10

  • Front & Rear gear set-up
  • Replacing shifter
  • Replacing derailleur/mech
  • Replacing gear cables
  • Chain fitting
  • Cassette/freewheel fitting
  • Crankset or chainring fitting/replacement
  • Tightening adjustable bottom bracket
  • Full bottom bracket service/replacement

Wheel Servicing from £15

  • Hub adjustment
  • Full hub bearing service
  • Wheel true and tension
  • Spoke replacement
  • Wheel building

Frame & Fork servicing from £15

  • Headset adjustment
  • Full headset bearing service/replacement
  • Facing and reaming metal frames, chasing threads
  • Setting star-nut and crown race on fork

Cleaning & Small jobs from £10

  • Bucket wash
  • Drivetrain deep-clean
  • Mudguard, rack, and other accessory fitting
  • Bar tape wrapping

Service packages

We offer certain services as a package at slightly reduced cost. Our mechanics will offer this as an option if we feel it is the most cost-effective solution.

Tier 1 service – £37. Set up brakes and gears, inspect bike fully.
Tier 2 service – £67. More in-depth servicing including bearing adjustments.
Tier 3 service – £132 – full strip down and set up.