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Mark Rose

Director of the Board (Treasurer)

Mark has been a ‘new’ cyclist since rediscovering it 25 years ago on holiday – having previously given it up, as most of his friends then did, as soon as he learnt to drive. However, for the last 15 years he has commuted daily to work and noticed all the obvious benefits: free exercise, reliability, punctuality, ease of parking and economy.

Since retiring as a civil servant, Mark has continued to cycle, though now solely for pleasure, either with friends or family and preferably on country roads or on cycling holidays. He also enjoys running, hiking and swimming, and at the age of 61 completed his first marathon. After saying “never again” he completed his second in Paris in 2019.

Mark joined the board of Nottingham Bikeworks in July 2019. He enjoys making a contribution to a fantastic community cycling organisation, as well as making use of his previous experience of finance, tax and the law.