Member Photo

Laurie Cohen

Director of the Board (Chair)

Laurie joined Nottingham Bikeworks’ Board in September 2018. Her 24 year-old daughter was a keen and intrepid cyclist and an avid community organiser, but sadly died on her bike in March 2018. Laurie became involved in Nottingham Bikeworks as a way of honouring her.

Cyclling has always been part of Laurie’s life, and that of her family – including husband, two other children and granddaughter. She has commuted by bike for years, as well as enjoying cycling for fun – be it on the road, tracks or trails – loving the sense of freedom that cycling provides. What an amazing way to experience the world!

In addition to being on the NBW board, Laurie is a Professor of Work and Organisation at Nottingham University, researching people’s working lives and careers, teaching, and spending a fair amount of time on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion issues.

Other than cycling, Laurie likes to run, hike and all sorts of outdoor things. She also studies Spanish, plays the cello in a community orchestra, reads and is a Humanist wedding celebrant.