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Kay Haw

Director of the Board

Kay is a professional conservationist, project and partnership manager, and communications specialist with an avid interest in pro-environmental behaviours. As a keen cyclist, she understands the many mental and physical benefits cycling can bring to individuals, but also the eco-friendly nature of cycling as a means of transport.

Kay is delighted to be able to contribute to Nottingham Bikeworks, which she sees as a wonderful community asset providing valuable cycling-related services, training and opportunities for everyone in Nottingham. The need for and interest in green transport is rising – we should all support this for people, wildlife and our environment.

Her other interests include advocating the need for human beings to reconnect with nature for the benefit of all species – called ecopsychology or nature connectedness. She also plants trees, feeds and rescues wildlife, runs fundraising events, loves music and science, enjoys hiking, diving and camping, acts in local theatre productions, and smiles and laughs whenever possible. Kay joined the board in 2018.