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Dennis Hollingworth

Director of the Board

Dennis joined the Board of Nottingham Bikeworks in September 2018. Cycling way before it was fashionable, his first bike had solid tyres (although he was about 4 at the time), he then progressing to a Raleigh Sun and a Mk11 Chopper (really wishing he had kept it).

Pre-hydraulic brakes and other trick parts, weekends and after school would involve stripping bikes to a bare frame and creating new ones out of the parts. The pinnacle was another chopper with Yamaha FS1E forks, a rack of front and rear lighting controlled from  switchgear on the cowhorns.

With a decade in manufacturing management, Dennis retrained and entered the world of sales and marketing, working in start-ups to multi-nationals.

Regularly getting cabin fever, he happily walks to the city and back with rucksack on, an hour each way, and pulls his boots on and gets into the sticks when family life allows. Now happily settled into hi-viz lycra, he is more of an off-road cyclist, but he does keep looking at road rides, usually far too exotic to afford though.