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Anthony Johnson

Director of the Board (Deputy Chair)

Anthony started volunteering at Nottingham Bikeworks in January 2015 and soon after joined the board. Always a keen cyclist, he has had an interest in how bikes work as well as using bikes for commuting, touring, day rides, etc. He loves hills and cycling in hilly country. His first bike was a Raleigh, naturally, but now his collection includes one or two more.

As a headteacher in a local infant school, Anthony has developed important skills, organisational, leadership, team working and communication, which have stood him in good stead for the director role. As well as enjoying keeping these skills up-to-date, he also likes being useful to Nottingham Bikeworks in any way he can.

Other than cycling, Anthony likes to hill walk. He does have less physical hobbies such as reading, but is basically happier outdoors whatever the weather!