What People Say

Testimonial from Better By Bike Project Participants

“It’s not an understatement when I say that the better bike program has had a dramatically positive effect on my life. Since I joined the program 2 years ago I got a job, lost over 2 stone in weight, rediscovered a love of fitness and became an amateur bike mechanic, all made possible by the friendly, passionate and patient staff at Nottingham bikeworks. I owe a huge turnaround in my life to the better bike program and the people that enable it to happen.


Testimonial from NCC’s Leaving Care Service Nottingham

“Over the last two years we have made several referrals to Nottingham Bikeworks for the delivery of bespoke programmes, with the aim of supporting young people to gain new skills and confidence that will progress them towards entering further training and work. Nottingham Bikeworks have always provided an outstanding service to each and every young person taken under their mentorship. Their staff have always demonstrated an unrelenting commitment and flexibility in their approach to engaging our most disengaged. The professional knowledge and skills of the team, coupled with their passion for their industry and community; has inspired and supported every one of our young people referred to make significant progress. The quality of their delivery and support is embodied by some of the positive outcomes achieved with young people, including achieving qualifications in employability skills, motivation to engage in further training and to seek employment. Our partnership with Nottingham Bikeworks has been invaluable in helping to improve outcomes for Nottingham’s Care Leavers and we hope to continue working with this fantastic organisation to inspire and support more young people in the future.”


Other comments:

I’ve attended the Basic Maintenance Course and I loved it !! These guys are amazing !! We really learned how to fix things and did it ourselves on our bikes. Beside that, they are really nice people. Keep up the good work !!


Excellent trustworthy customer service. The best price you will find in the city. I cannot recommend this service highly enough. My 10 year old bike had a LONG list of problems when it went in. By the time Steph had finished caring & repairing it felt like riding home on a piece of silk! The bike shop rang me up to check I was ok with all the proposed work & prices before going ahead & I was able to have a good discussion about what I wanted them to do first. Lastly, I think that grass roots bike projects like this are essential for making Nottingham more sustainable.


Absolutely incredible organisation. Honest. Thorough, friendly and most importantly not ran for profit. They won’t rip you off and you know anything they say your bike needs absolutely definitely does. Great atmosphere in the workshop itself and the way the whole organisation is ran is just fantastic. Can’t speak highly enough of everyone at Nottingham bike works.


Super place to renew your passion of cycling or begin one.
Organised bike rides are fun as well as fascinating. I it gave me great pleasure to donate three bikes recently knowing they’ll be used/donated accordingly.